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Browsing Internet while connected to vpn in OS X Tiger

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 04/08/2008

Connect to vpn in your office while still able to browse the Internet

Often you might have several internal networks in the office, say, 10.0.x.x and 192.168.9.x. and you need to vpn back to the office from home, chances are, you might not be able to browse the net, OS X tiger has a simpler solution:

1) Open Internet Connect
2) under Connect/Options, uncheck “Send all traffics over VPN connection”

then connect to vpn, and you will be able to browse the net as well, however, there might be a problem, you can browse 10.0.x.x but not 192.168.9.x, a quick fix is:

sudo route -nv add -net 192.168.8 -interface ppp0

try again with your 192.168.8.x, you should be able to access this time. but if the vpn connection is lost, so does this route, you have to add this route again when you vpn next time.

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