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Setting up fetchmail in Ubuntu 8.0.4

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 11/26/2008

Setting up fetchmail in UbuntuYou should have a smtp server setup before installing fetchmail as the latter uses smtp to delivery the messages to the local accounts.


Install fetchmail in Ubuntu 8.04

sudo apt-get install fetchmail

Adding system user `fetchmail’ (UID 110) …
Adding new user `fetchmail’ (UID 110) with group `nogroup’ …
Creating home directory `/var/lib/fetchmail’ …

create a fetchmailrc in the /etc with following contents:

set syslog;
set daemon 90;
set postmaster “”;
poll “” with protocol pop3 user “” password “password” is “user” here

sudo chown fetchmail fetchmailrc
sudo chmod 0600 fetchmailrc

edit /etc/default/fetchmail

start fetchmail

sudo /etc/init.d/fetchmail start

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