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Some Conventions for Delphi

Posted in Delphi by sqllyw on 12/23/2008

Exim4 Notes

Posted in Exim4 by sqllyw on 12/11/2008
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Install Java JDK 5 in Centos 5.0

Posted in Centos by sqllyw on 12/09/2008

Setting up some software in Ubuntu 6/7/8.0.x

Posted in Ubuntu by sqllyw on 12/08/2008

Using Velocity in a Tapestry 5 app:

Posted in Tapestry 5 by sqllyw on 12/08/2008

VI Notes

Posted in General by sqllyw on 12/08/2008

I was hoping I can use some other editors, my job requires me to be in different platforms and I have used quite a number of editors: edln, edit, qe, ultraEdit, TextMate, TextEdit, Pico and Vi, from time to time I still have to go back to VI the editor I tried to avoid, but it seems vi is not going away, it will be here to stay, rather than avoiding I might as well learn a few VI commands and get the job done, hence this note is kept to include some commands I used often.


Centos 5.0 Notes

Posted in Centos by sqllyw on 12/08/2008

Setting up Virtual hosts in Apache HTTP Server 2

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 12/06/2008

Apache Http Server notes

Posted in Apache by sqllyw on 12/06/2008

Some notes about Apache HTTP Server, assumes Ubuntu 8.0.10 or later.


Mini FAQ for MySQL

Posted in MySql by sqllyw on 12/06/2008
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