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Centos 5.0 Notes

Posted in Centos by sqllyw on 12/08/2008

Centos Wiki
Good tips
Setting up LAMP server
yum install httpd php-mysql mysql-server

Note: Apache/Mysql are not started automatically:
apachectl start
/etc/init.d/mysqld start

Opening a port
sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables
duplicate the line for port 22, change port number to 80(or whatever port number you need)

sudo iptables -F	

iptable tutorial
Setting up Java in Centos 5
Add a new user
adduser myname
passwd myname
Note: to add a user to a group, use useradd
Add a user to a grou
grep developers /etc/group // looks in the group file if developers defined
id tony // displays groups tony belongs to
usermod -a -G developers tony
usermod -a -G admin tony // all admin user in Ubuntu are sudoers
More info here
Add user to sudoer’s list

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