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Compiling some Dos applications in OS X

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 01/07/2009

Let’s enjoy some good old time when the programming was a joy:)

From time to time I need to modify some old Clipper applications done long time ago, those are the movements that will bring me back to the good old times, of course some memories as well.

However it’s also times that give some inconvenience, biggest problem is, where are those source codes? second, I need a DOS/Windows machine to edit/compile the program. One strange thing with me is, when editing old DOS programs, I need the native text editor like Semware’s QE.EXE, those WordStar like commands are not in my brain but in the fingers, I can update the program fast. One time, I tried to use GUI editor for that job, I found myself very unproductive, gave it up finally and back to the QE.EXE.

Talking about QE.exe I have to mention my first IDE/Editor,, that’s the Borland’s Turbo Pascal compiler/editor in one, only around 50K in size, you can put that in a 360k 5 1/2 floppy disk.

Anyway, I’m slowly putting my old DOS source codes into SVN servers, that solves the source code issue. For the DOS/Windows machine, I use DosBox under OS X, it’s very easy to use, almost like working in the native DOS environment.

  1. Create a directory under OS X, say DOSApp, copy any DOS stuff into that directory, this will be used as our C: drive
  2. Start DOSBox
  3. mount c: ~/DOSApp(this assumes DOSApp is under your home directory)
  4. You got a C drive to work now! dont ask me if you forget to program in Clipper:)

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