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Really Setting up Apache Continuum in 10 min

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 02/06/2009

The title is not misleading, everybody said it will take a few min to setup Apache Continuum, but I spent more than two days to have it up and running, looking back, I’d like to document steps of how to really set it up in 10 minutes.

First, take a look at the Apache Continuum’s home page, then forget about it, follow the steps below, if you get it up and running, then you go back to the link above:

Download Apache Continuun

make sure it is 1.3.1, unzip it to a directory.

Configure and run Continuum:

you need to update two files only:

update the application.xml(/path_to_continuum/apps/continuum/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/plexus/)

uncomment this line:


update this two lines:


update jetty.xml(/path_to_continuum/apps/continuum/conf):

 <New class="org.mortbay.naming.factories.MailSessionReference">
    <Set name="user"></Set>
    <Set name="password">password</Set>
    <Set name="properties">
      <New class="java.util.Properties">
        <Put name=""></Put>

start Continuum, ./continuum start

point browser at http://localhost:8080/continuum, if everything ok, you should see the Continuum’s page.

Add a Maven 2 project:
the POM url is kind of confusing, newbie will think this is actually the pom.xml in the svn repository and end up using this:


this is wrong, the POM url here refers to an actual pom.xml file and the svn path should be specified in the pom.xml. to add a Maven 2 project, you need to have a project imported already into svn, you can check out the pom.xml, and make sure you have following entry:


if you do not have this entry, add it, and make sure you commit the change back before proceeding.

the path to svn repoistory here is only a sample, you have to use whatever applicable to you. now put this file in a place that you can access, it can be in a web site or can be in the hard disk, if it is in the hard disk, then you specify POM url as follow when adding a Maven 2 project:


then click add, if you do not see any error, it’s already up and running, hope it is within 10 minutes.

You can find the Continuum forum here

Additioal Tips:

To change port number used by Continuum for its web interface, update jetty.xml, look for:

<Set name="port"><SystemProperty name="jetty.port" default="8000"/></Set>
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