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Setting Up Exim4 in Ubuntu 8.10.x

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 02/08/2009

Some simple steps in setting up Exim4 in Ubuntu 8.10.x, might be applicable to other distributions too.

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apt-get install mailx
apt-get install exim4

Note: this will remove the postfix if it is installed

To configure:

dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config

restart exim4:

invoke-rc.d exim4 restart

To relay with a smarthost, you need to update:
/etc/exim4/passwd.client, put something like this in the file:

restart the exim4 and do a test sending:

echo “my test” |mail -s “testing exim4”

check /var/log/exim4/mainlog and you should see some messages in the log about this test mail.

So far the exim was setup without smtp authorization, you need to enable SMTP Auth if you want to use RoundCube web mail in the same server.

Here is a guide about setting up the SMTP Auth.

Create a password for smtp and save it in /etc/exim4/passwd(create if not exists)

htpasswd -nd usernameforsmtp

copy and paste it to /etc/exim4/passwd (this has to be done when a new user is added, you do not have to restart exim4)

Update /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template:

uncomment plain_server
sudo update-exim4.conf

restart exim4, this time the basic auth is on at least in the server side.

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