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Installing manually saa7134 in Ubuntu 9.04 kernel 9.26.31rc6

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 08/15/2009

As subject says:)

To fix slow connection problem with my realtek usb wireless card, I upgraded to 9.26.31rc6, the connection is perfect, but saa7134 module is not loaded by default any more, for that I have to manually compile and install it, since this is my first time installing a module, it’s quite basic, here are steps:

1)sudo apt-get install mercurial
hg clone

2) make -C /home/sqllyw/v4l-dvb/v4l
3) cd /home/sqllyw/v4l-dvb/v4l
sudo make install
sudo reboot

saa7134 is back.

Updated on Aug 31, 2009: upgraded to Kernel 2.6.31 rc7, saa7134 is part of that.

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