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Calibrate Macbook Pro Battery A1175

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 10/29/2010

Calibrate a macbook pro battery:.

Ok, Macbook Pro’s battery is known to have a poor performance, I got a replacement, and it just last for a few months, but honestly, I did not really follow the calibration suggestions as it seems difficult to do , for the few months I’m using the battery, I did that full calibration a few times, looking back, there should be an easier way to calibrate, here is a tip about this:

The official way:

1. Fully charge the battery first.
2. Keep it in full state for at lest two hours.
3. Disconnect the power and use the computer until it goes to sleep.
4. Rest the computer for at least five hours.
5. Fully charge the battery again.

you can use your unit in all the steps above except #4.

An easy to follow approach:

1. Use your unit with power connected in the day.
2. Unplug the power x hours before you go to sleep, x represents the max number of hour your battery can last, in my case, it’s only 20 min.
3. Use the computer until goes into sleep mode, you go to sleep too.
4. Use your unit with power connected next morning until it is fully charged.

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