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Adding a SATA drive to Ubuntu 8.10

Posted in Uncategorized by sqllyw on 04/08/2011

surprisingly it is quite easy to do this. I got a P3 running Ubuntu 8.10 server, and now need to add a second drive:

1) installed a PCI sata card, it has IDE and SATA ports.
2) reboot, ubuntu 8.10 automatically detects the card without installing any driver
3) put a 320G sata drive in, and manually mount the drive, it works.

to make it automatically mount:

ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid

you will see a list of UUIDs with hard drive partitions. then edit the /etc/fstab, add this line:

UUID=28c2a248-5d9c-4119-8bd2-204a3cecbc53 /mnt/sa ext2 defaults 0 0

reboot, that’s it. of course the above line is specific to my case, you need to update it with your own.

this link helps a lot:

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