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Setting up a scannning server using Linuxmint 15 and Canon LIDE 25

Posted in Computer Hardware, Linuxmint by sqllyw on 10/06/2013

Setting up a scanning server using Linuxmint and Canon LIDE 25 scanner

It took me a day to figure out how this works, looking back, it should have taken only less than a hour if I know all these, here are the steps I should have taken:

Make sure scanner works

Connect Canon LIDE 25 to the linuxmint box, under ‘Graphic’ there is ‘Simple Scan’, run it, if you can scan a document, then the hardware is in place.
open a terminal, run : scanimage -L

device `plustek:libusb:003:004' is a Canon CanoScan LiDE25 flatbed scanner

the number 003:004 varies depends on which USB port the scanner got connected.

To do a test scan from command line:
scanimage -T

Share the scanner over the net

sudo pico /etc/default/saned

# Set to yes to start saned

# Set to the user saned should run as

Since the pc is purely for scanning, running as root should not be too much a problem for now. and this is quite important, not changing it will cause the rest of steps to fail.

sudo pico /etc/sane.d/saned.conf

add this line:

this will allow all pcs in the subnet to have access to the scanner.

restart the service:

sudo service saned restart

now the server part is ready, you can connect to this from other workstations either in linux, os x and windows. for os x, I have tested snac, you have to install twainsane related packages first. for windows.

here is the steps for a linux to share the scanner in Centos:
1) install xsane if not yet.
2) sudo pico /etc/sane.d/net.conf
add following line:

that’s the ip of address of linuxmint box with scanner
scanimage -L

device `net:' is a Canon CanoScan LiDE25 flatbed scanner

it means your connection to the remote server is working, usually due to some permission issue, this will fail, that’s the reason I changed RUN_AS_USER to root instead of sane.

3) run xsane (usually under graphics)
this should bring up a scanning window

Operate the scanning with buttons

It is more convenient to scan a doc by pressing a button, here is a package for doing that: scanbuttond, you can find it in linuxmint’s software package and install it, as usual, change the user in /etc/default/scanbuttond:

# Set to yes to start scanbuttond

# Set to the user scanbuttond should run as

then restart:
sudo service scanbuttond restart

then do:
tail -f /var/log/syslog

press scanner’s buttons, you should see some entries in logs

you can put your own scripts in the /etc/scanbuttod folder, named it, it will be called once button is pressed.
to test it, run it this way first:

sudo scanbuttond -f

until your script works, then run the service from init.d

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